PJ Hofmaster State Park Dunes


I feel like I might be looking back at 2015 with a bit more eagerness and enthusiasm than most, but its easy to say that 2015 was life changing. I’ve written about fitness things before- even danced with the idea of starting a website around the topic but ultimately decided to maintain focus on my web design venture, 5 espressos, rather than continuing to split my focus.

There were things that were awesome. There were things that were not.

There were times where things the BEST and times of extreme disappointment.

I rocked these things:

Establishing new Fitness Habits.

With the help of a friend last February, I developed the routine that lead to so much of my changes over the last year. Because I set aside the time after work during the workweek as my time to go to the gym, very little got in the way me getting there. Events didn’t get scheduled during that time, so if i didn’t go, there were no excuses. Here’s what my progress looked like.

1 Dan Hefferan January 2

2 Dan Hefferan February 74 Dan Hefferan February 216 Dan Hefferan March 267 Dan Hefferan April 511 Dan Hefferan May 1812 Dan Hefferan June 2313 Dan Hefferan July 2014 Dan Hefferan August 117 Dan Hefferan September 1718 Dan Hefferan September 2619 Dan Hefferan October 1820 Dan Hefferan November 1221 Dan Hefferan December 422 Dan Hefferan December 13


Changing the diet to something that works (for me).

I switched to a lower carb lifestyle that closely resembles the diet from Tim Ferriss’ 4 Hour Body. When I implemented the diet, I saw the results form the gym compound quickly. I will likely experiment with other variations to the low carb lifestyle in the coming months, and I’ll be sure to outline anything here.

Sharing victories online.

I used my community online on facebook twitter and instagram as a way to remain accountable to what I was working towards. If I were to regain all my weight, a small army of people would notice.

Taking Responsibility.

I bought a house. I changed my life. I took measures to eliminate my biggest distractions. Started investing. … and it felt great. … and maybe a little anxiety-ridden.

And this is where I didn’t rock:

*Growth* as a web developer.

I had a year where I was able to help a good number of clients, but my skills as a web developer didn’t grow as much as I could have. I’ll be scheduling in time to practice and learn in the coming year.


I don’t speak girl that well… I’m getting better 🙂

I lacked focus.

I alluded to this early on. I spent a lot of mental energy planning and working on the Dauntless Project, only to realize that it wasn’t where I needed to be spending my time.

Delayed cutting negative habits.

I tend not to learn lessons the easy way. I allowed myself to get sucked into games and endless online videos. And I would find myself complaining about being busy and always working. I called my bluff and sold off my gaming pc.

These specific moments rocked.

True Pursuit

I had the opportunity to serve at the true pursuit weekend in April, it was a spiritual awakening to accompany other transformations that were happening in my life.

True Pursuit Weekend

The Color Run

on the first of august I ran my first 5k, at the time it felt like a massive accomplishment, but every milestone has 🙂

Color Run

A hike on the dunes on my birthday

I spent a day around my 28th birthday up on a dune along Lake Michigan praying writing and dreaming.

PJ Hofmaster State Park Dunes

Visiting Escanaba

A yooper adventure in Ecsanaba with my cousin.

Screenshot 2015-12-31 16.28.23

The Ugly Sweater Run

Had you told me at the beginning of the year that I would be out in public wearing a ridiculously skin tight red suit, I would have told you to go see a doctor.

The Ugly Sweater Run


Goals for 2016

Continue to drop body fat.

My goal is to get below 15% body fat. We will see.

Grow 5 espressos.

I met with Brian earlier today and discussed the goals I have for the business with him. We set specific goals for revenue, website traffic, marketing  and blog posts.

Thanks for reading my 2015 review.

It was a good year, but I fully expect that the best is yet to come!

What are the goals for your 2016?

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