Photo-Oct-18-2-37-22-PM-e1445299526572 To say that this year has been one of the most pivotal years of my life would be a vast understatement.
This was the year where I made the decision that enough was enough, and that I refused to believe that I had already been in the best shape of my life. I wanted to collaborate the year that I was 27 with a set of 27 lessons from the past 365 days.

1. You have a choice.

You might not have had control of everything that put you in a certain circumstance, but you can absolutely control your attitude and your plan to change things.

2. Be real.

There’s no sense in being in a relationship (friendship, dating, otherwise) that you can’t be 100% yourself.

3. Amputate when necessary.

Self-control is not my strong suit. Whether it’s food that throws off your diet, free time activities that cut into your time to work on self improvement or your dreams, or friends that don’t support you fully in your goals. I find that the best way to gain control of some of these situations is just to remove your access to it.

4. Surround yourself with people will will call you out on your SHI  …garbage.

I don’t need more yes-men in my life. It’s most important to me that people actually report the story the way they see it, not the way i want to see it.

5. Create systems of accountability.

This is an integrity thing. If i’m the only one affected by a goal, or a to-do item, it’s easy to rationalize an excuse to avoid it. If you seek accountability, you have an incentive to follow through. I started at the gym because I had a friend who needed me to go along with her. I couldn’t just skip out on her!

6. Learn what actually produces results.

Sometime conventional wisdom isn’t the most effective way to achieve your results. (eating less and doing more cardio is the “conventional” way to lose weight. But it’s probably not the most effective way. )

7. Integrate your findings from number 6 into your routine.

If you have a system that you know works, simply incorporating it into your routine WILL lead to success. I’m eating low carb and doing mostly weight training. Obviously if you don’t put in the full effort your results won’t be as much, but if you put in the work that will lead to results, you should expect results.

8. Everyone has a first time at the gym (or anything)

There’s no shame in being a noob, the faster you start something and get learning, the faster you’ll be a veteran. Everyone had that awkward first visit to a gym.

9. If you’re going somewhere, take someone with you.

This applies to road trips as well as goal journeys. Experiences aren’t as good unless you find a way to share them.

10. Growth never happens in your comfort zone.

11. Struggle to finish your last rep.

That’s where your results come from. If rep 1-10 were easy, but 11-15 were going to be extremely difficult, and you stopped at 10, you missed your chance to actually push your body.

12. If you find something that works. Share it with others.

There’s more value in telling others what’s working and what’s not. You have the opportunity to actually improve the life of someone else, just by simply being open about the things you’re working on.

13. Dress as if you’re going to meet the love of your life today.

This was originally from an image titled something like “Things your dad probably told you, but you should hear again.” I kinda like it.

14. Be honest about things.

If you don’t like something, don’t put up with it. If someone is asking you to do something that you don’t know how to do, communicate that! I have a hard time lying, but i find that the more upfront and honest about things I am, the better.

15. Be the guy that over-communicates.

When you miss out on something because you didn’t fully explain yourself, or you assumed something, it’s easy for something small to turn into a disaster. Over communicate, you may feel slightly nuerotic, but if you don’t let things fall through, you win.

16. Seek resolution.

I’m still working on this in both relationships and business, but the quicker you can get a yes or no out of a situation, the quicker you can move onto the next step.

17. People are watching.

Someone is looking up to you. Someone is looking to you for instruction or example

18. On a similar note. Only work on things you’d be proud to tell your grandparents about.

19. Say no more often.

Saying no is hard, but if you accept every request that’s put in front of you, you’ll end up saying no to your own agenda/goals/projects

20. Sleep more.

It helps everything. I can tell the times in my life where I’m more overwhelmed often overlaps times where I’m not allowing myself to sleep enough.

21. Compete. Compete. Compete.

I perform better when there’s an aspect of competition in there. Whether this is in business, fitness, or video games, if there’s a clear winner or loser, I plan on winning.

22. Aim High.

You don’t know how high you can reach if you aren’t willing to try and find your limits. This applies to nearly everything.

23. Life is more complicated than the Greatest Hits Digest you read on social media daily.

Your friend that seems to have accomplished all of their dreams still struggles with things, they just aren’t telling you that. Nobody is perfect. Everybody poops.

24. Write it down and follow Up

I write down everything I have to do so that I don’t let things fall through the cracks. Emails I need to write, bills i have to pay, groceries, ideas for business. Everything. This can lead to a cluttered list of things you need to do, but return to that list often, and you know you’re working on the things you need to do.

25. Take the choice that will end in a better story.

Do the things that will be fun to tell people about later on. I love telling stories 🙂

26. You don’t need more books and learning, you need more action.

I likely can not purchase another book for the rest of my life, and I’ll be ok. I’ll make it work. There’s much to learn from the books I already own,

27. Channel your inner Shia. Do it.

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