A fresh start.


I’ve been thinking a bunch about what I want this web space to be.

There have been a lot of different things that I’ve wanted to do with the site: book reviews, posting stories, sharing goals and accountability towards those goals, web design highlights, inspiring stuff.

A lot of different things.

With July’s Hustle Month came a new project from me. I called it Once a Weekly. At the time of the project’s first issue, there was a lot of potential for it to grow into something huge! I loved the idea and where it could go, but I found it really creatively draining to edit down the posts to something usable and then provide a few thoughts about it.

I loved the idea of bringing people value from having all of these content gems found in one place. But I think I want to go about it differently from now on.

Once a Weekly was published on a sub domain of my site, but I wasn’t linking to it from my site, so any visitors to the site weren’t finding the things into which I was currently investing my energy. I want to simplify that. I still plan to look for great content, but I want to do it over a period of time throughout the week. If you want to make sure you don’t miss any of it, definitely go subscribe at my rss feed.


Oh, and another thing, I’ve been starting a small habit of drawing/sketching daily. I plan on posting a picture daily. You can find that on the sketches page.


I think with this new freer structure, I’ll find more energy to actually produce great things for you all. This site provides a vital role in that!

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