An Impresario

An Impresario.

an impresario

A while back I read a small ebook that was written by students of Seth Godin’s class that he taught over the summer. The book was called Impresario.

It took all of 20 minutes to read the entire thing, but I think it changed the place where I fit in the world.

Their definition of impresario:

 One who gathers others together for creating art–the art of making a ruckus;  the art of inventing the future; the art of important work.

This notion of an impresario is so interesting.

I did some research into the word. they were the movie producers of the middle ages. They fronted the financial burden to make operas happen. This was both lucrative and risky. Many went bankrupt, some multiple times.

Something must have kept them going. They knew that their work was worth it. They were going to create something that would both entertain the crowds and pay the bills of their employees.

Today, there’s certainly a new breed of Impresarios. They believe that there’s a beautiful future to be seen. They believe that dreams can come true.

They believe that work can both be meaningful and rewarding. They enlist the help of their friends to make things happen that are well beyond themselves. They may not know if a project will be successful, but they cannot rest until they see it through.

They create a huge body of work. They don’t wait for permission to start the next big thing, they just simply make it.

The best part of all, is that we all can be an Impresario.

What are you waiting for?

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