Appearance Matters.

one of my prevailing thoughts over the last couple weeks is my desire to get fit.

to look better
to feel better
and ultimately last longer here

I also want to start dressing better.

I was running by kinkos to get a sign printed and i ran by the joseph a banks. I stood there and asked myself why i don’t wear the clothes more often.

I was looking at‘s homepage and ramit looks great on the homepage. he’s lean, he has great pants, and ultimately he looks like someone to be taken seriously.

IF I don’t look my best, it might be vain to say something like this, but can I really be taken seriously? Appearance matters

I can expect to be taken seriously?
If someone has the choice between me, the enthusiastic, yet overweight me?
and someone who is clean, well dressed and healthy?
who are they going to choose?

Appearance matters.

If you have really big goals for your life, but you can’t control your health, or your weight, or your diet, how in the world can you expect to accomplish your goals.

My mind has had a hard time focusing lately.
i haven’t had a ton of energy. So lets see where i can go from here.

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