Crazy? I’m shutting down dauntless.

It’s crazy how things can change.

It’s crazy how far you can follow a rabbit trail that is just tantalizing, but won’t ultimately lead you to what you’re looking fore.

It’s crazy how overbooked you can be. How many plates you can try to keep spinning.

Ultimately I need to let a couple of the plates stop.

2015 has had two other posts on THIS. One on January 1st, ushering in the new year, the other talking about how much i love this website’s current theme as it resembled the theme i had wanted to build for a year at the time.

2015 was a landmark year for me: so much has changed.

In february I started a new healthy lifestyle and have lost 85 pounds as of this writing. As the pounds fell off, I felt like I was quickly returning to the person that I was before I slipped into a depression. Confidence came back, productivity came back, and finally I felt like I had the motivation to match the ambition I had cultivated the last 5 years after college.


I was becoming so passionate about health and fitness that I was starting to think about what I should do alongside my other activities to help others along the way. The project starter in me realized that i could finally start writing on personal development in a way that would actually hold clout. I finally had some sort of success to fall back on. So i spent much of this year dreaming and taking baby step after half baby step to try to make the project come to life.

I launched it, and wrote a few pieces, but ultimately I never got it going to where I wanted it to go.

Why? it was a side hustle, but more than that. It was a side hustle to the side of another side hustle. My web design company 5 espressos is my priority outside of my day job. I realize that though there are topics and things i would LOVE to write about, I can’t keep that plate spinning, so I’m going to shut down the site and move the content over to here.

I have plans for 5e to come in the coming months, I’m really excited about where we’re taking the business.

It also feels good to take something off my shoulders and have a definitive project to focus on.

I’m not sure what will happen with, I love the domain name, and even the ideas for content I had for the site, but if I write something that would have been amazing for, I can still publish it here. This website isn’t going anywhere.

I’m still very much interested in personal fitness and becoming the best version of yourself that you can be, but I’m most interested at seeing where I can bring 5 espressos and the projects related to that partnership.


Day One

So I recently purchased a journaling app for mac/iphone/ipad called Day One,

it’s brilliantly designed, and it really works to create a journaling habit. By being on all of my devices, it is pretty much always accessible for me. — my phone is always on me, if it’s not … I’m probably panicking, though a breakdown of this addiction is probably worth exploring.

I love moleskine notebooks (my standard journal) but I don’t always carry it with me.

I have the app on my computer remind me every night at 11pm to write up what my day looked like, I’ve been finding the activity to be very focusing.