dreams are interesting things.
while you’re sleeping, you dream, and if you wake up during one(alarm or otherwise) you long for nothing other than to return to that dream.
When I hit the snooze button in the morning, I think one of the reasons i’m so compelled to hit the snooze is because there’s some part of me that wants to return to that dream.
some part of me that wants to return to an interesting story.
some part of me that thinks that’s the better place to be.
But it’s not!
It’s not even real.
How can we make it so the world we wake up to has just as much action as the world we visit when we dream?

When I dream, sometimes the dreams make perfect sense.
Other times, I may as well have been on drugs. But I’ll ignore those dreams!
The ones that make perfect sense, though, those ones can be a reality.

What can I do to make awake life as engaging as asleep life?

1) be working towards my awake dreams
I have things I want to be doing with my life. perhaps too many things, but another day of playing video games won’t get me any closer to making those things happen.
2) dive into meaningful relationships.
are the people around you encouraging you to be better than you were yesterday?
do they challenge you?
will they get you where you need to be going?
3) be willing to do something crazy. — because dreams can get crazy
I’ve gotten into a slump where I’ve found myself hesitant to try new things.
It sucks to say that.
But often times, I’ll resist hanging out with some new people.
Or be afraid to look for new work.
Or be ok with doing another day of the same thing.
The dreams that are the most exciting are the ones where you’re doing something crazy. The life that’s most exciting is the one where you’re doing something crazy.

one of the last dreams I had was one where I was The Bachelor. You know… from the TV show. I’ll admit, I’ve watched enough of this show to have detailed dreams about it. I was The Bachelor, and I was down to the final three girls. But as I went to start choosing who my final two would be, I realized that I didn’t know any of them. I literally had no memory of my relationships with any of the three. So I started asking people around me, “who makes me feel most alive” “who makes me seem most myself” Pretty much all answers pointed towards this one girl. And, for what it’s worth, she was the only one of the three that I could recognize from the real world.
I don’t remember any of the rest of the dream. I was woken by an alarm clock to which I very promptly hit snooze: trying to return to something interesting.

As I stop and think, there are parts of this dream that don’t make sense. Why was I on the bachelor? how did I not know any of these girls? But I loved the questions I was asking, they are the ones that I could use as a social filter even in the awake-world.

What do you think?

For now, we continue

I’m still reworking what I want to do with the website.

Actually, my friend Brian, of embracerefrain.com, mentioned while we were building a website for our web company that my site is in a constant state of change and development.

He’s right.

We’ll get there guys, don’t worry.

Until I get things going over here, i’ll keep plugging away with the once a weekly project- this weeks issue has been published.



A new page. A new site.


So while I was tinkering with my website, I did something to make it completely unworkable.

This is good news and bad news. And I guess I’ll explain.

The bad news: 

I pretty much lost everything. All of my links from the last 6 months are now broken, and I still don’t know how to access my old content.

There is Good news, however.

I was trying to redesign my site so that it was hosted without the /blog. So I guess this is a good (read: unforeseen and forced) way to go about that.