Permission to talk frankly?
I have a lot of ideas for things I can do with this website. Dan Hefferan having ideas is not a new concept to anyone who knows me, but ideas mean next to nothing if it isn’t developed, if the idea isn’t given a chance to bloom, if the idea stays … an idea.I go back and forth on how I want this site to work, and where I want it to fit in the grand scheme of my life, my other websites and certainly my web design company: 5 Espressos.
One day, I’ll want to write about health and fitness.
One day, i’ll want to focus intensely on personal development and goal setting.
One day, I’ll want to move any of the existing content to danhefferan.com — mypersonal website that I’ve let sit idle while I entertained the idea of dauntless.
I’ll fight with myself about how personal I’ll let myself get.  Do I go into personal finances? Do I talk about struggles with depression? Do I talk about relationships?
As I see saw between ideas and debate myself over details, the website sits.
Not growing into ANYTHING close to the dreams I have.
Right now, it has to come back to why.
Why am I doing this?
Why do I feel the need to make yet another site to join the thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of websites covering the topic of self improvement.
Because of the person I was a year ago.
I was in a bad spot. I was very overweight and mentally beginning to realize the consequences of that. My confidence and self esteem were completely gone. I didn’t really know what the next few years would look like – and I was even at the point where I was having a hard time dreaming up what a bright future could look like.
Earlier this year, I made my first trip to the gym and began the journey to where I am today. I’ve told this story before. Though I’m still very much a work in progress, I’ve come a long way.
I’m writing this for the person I used to be. The person who finds themselves in the wrong spot, but isn’t ready to give up. The person who is looking for things to try, looking to make a change that will lead to a better life.
That’s the focus I need to keep.
John Lee Dumas in the Entreprenuer On Fire podcast speaks frequently about the Imposter syndrome. He says that even men like Barack Obama have self doubt. The sooner you choose to accept the fear and the imposter syndrome, the sooner you can actually DO the thing you’re doing.
Steven Pressfield famously talks about The Resistance. He capitalizes it like that too. The Resistance is this sinister presence that everyone encounters as soon as they embark on some creative endeavor. The Resistance leads to trash cans full of crumpled legal pad sheets, to compositions that fail to explore anything new, to ideas that remain on the shelf, and to plenty of websites with a couple blog posts dating back 2 years.
Resistance is just part of the process. Something you should come to expect.
That’s a law of nature.
Where there is a Dream, there is Resistance.
Thus: where we encounter Resistance, somewhere nearby is a Dream.
 From Resistance and Self-Loathing.
We need to recognize that the imposter, that the Resistance, is part of the deal. And that the only thing that matters in regards to your project, is that you sit down and do the work.
I have a lot to share. I’ve succeeded in a couple massive things this year. But I also have a few personal goals that I’m working on now. Some of those will be difficult to describe in a blog, but that’s not the point right now.
The point is that this matters. That there’s a reason this needs to be written.

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