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Focus: Focus is an acroynm that has been mentioned in a podcast i’ve been listening to the last few weeks called Entrepreneur on Fire. The podcast is a daily show highlighting business people and their journeys to success.

The kicker to this podcast is that the host, John Lee Dumas, publishes a new podcast daily. Daily! He posts 7 new shows every week.

The amount of focus that he needs to be able to accomplish such a feat is pretty remarkable.

But focus means more than that to John. He uses it as an acronym.

Follow One Course Until Success.

What are you focusing on?

Is it just one course?

Don’t worry if it is.

This last month I have probably had more ideas for new projects than I have had in quite some time. This is great! However, i don’t have the time to really make everything happen. I look at the fact that i’m having the ideas as an indicator of a positive outlook- that i’m mentally healthy. However, with my current stat of moonlighting and fulltime employment, FOCUS is probably more important than ever.

late last week I started working heavily on a set of Social Media blog posts to be published on the Five Espresso blog- I fully expect to have those done this weekend, but I’ve also been working on the side business that we’re launching from under the umbrella of Five Espressos. I’m not exactly hiding the business, but I’m also not actively linking to it yet either. There are few more thinks to polish before it’s ready. bi am really excited for where that company can go. For it’s implications for the future of Five Espressos, however it’s going to take focus to make it really happen!

Dan Benjamin, the host of many podcasts at the 5by5 network, mentions multiple times in his Podcast Quit!┬áthat your project will not succeed unless you spend your full time doing it. He isn’t saying that you can’t be profitable. But what he’s saying is that you won’t see the full potential of the project until you really invest in making the full extent of that project come to life.

And that won’t happen without focus.

A lot of it.

What can you focus better on?

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