Getting things done: a realization.

Last night I was talking with my cousin Joey, and we were talking about the different things we have on our plate.

I was talking through some of the project ideas that I have been letting simmer in my mind. I’ve been very busy getting a project off the ground, and it seems like there’s a never ending list of things I need to do, yet I keep coming up with new ideas for new projects or new businesses, and I have to take an honest stock of whether or not I can pull off any more on my plate.

So i was sitting there, explaining all of these projects to joey, and whether or not I should let these ideas die, or whether I should do something with them. We quickly realized that so many of these ideas lend themselves to my vision for the future, for things that I want to do, for things that I want to achieve, and for things that I hope that Five Espressos can acheive too.

These ideas, though they may take up a sizable amount of my time, they all would help attain another part of my future, they are like a piece of the puzzle.

The moral of the story is that None of these ideas were really wiped off the table last night. They remain. They are ideas that could become reality. If that’s going to happen, i have no choice but find ways to get more done: I started reading a book on productivity and procrastination called Eat That Frog- expect a review on that book later this week after I’ve finished the book!

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