Ideas that don’t go anywhere.

Sometimes ideas hit a wall.

The more ideas you have, the more you’ll find you have ideas that don’t go anywhere. Ideas that motivate you, that make you excited for possibilities that go way further than just material satisfaction.

However, sometimes you just don’t know how to get it off the ground.

I’m kind of there with an idea, and I guess I’m ready to throw it to the dogs and see what happens.

Project: Unproven is the site for a project idea I had in the spring of this year. Initial momentum lead me to get the website up within weeks, the website has sat idle since then.

I don’t know if I’ll follow through and make unproven what it could be, or if i’ll just let it die. I was sitting with my cousins last night, and I was talking about how ideas are worthless unless the world has a chance to see an idea and react, and I can’t let unproven die without at least announcing it.

Feel free to give the site a look, and send me an email, or leave a comment somewhere, or tweet me and facebook me. It’s possible that I’m way off base and way too optimistic with this project, but I believe that the tools are in place on the internet to allow a group of people to bridge the gap between college and employment readiness.

My thought all along is to come up with a project that I can recruit people to help me complete, and if we journal our progress along the way, it can serve as a work history for the project. However, this theoretical project has never surfaced, but I’ve also been unfocused on creating opportunities for this project idea to come to life.

At any given moment, I have a small list of projects i’m working on. Five Espressos just finished a client project, we have our own in-house project we are launching next week, and I have another inhouse project in the incubator, and yet another that the dreaming has just started for. When you have all of these things going, it’s easy to let new ideas slip through the cracks. and that’s kind of what happened with project: unproven.

Check out the site, send me your thoughts, is this worth pursuing? How would you pursue it?

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