Intangible work matters.

Ticket to ride
Sometimes progress isn’t tangible. But even if the work you’ve done is hardly tangible, it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t important work. Intangible work can matter too!

This evening me and Brian did some work on a site for a client. We worked for three hours, but ultimately, I couldn’t even tell you how much work we got done.  We identified some things we need to work through, and we also decided how we would go about solving these problems.  But if i were to write down tangible and presentable progress, our body of work would not have looked too impressive.

But that doesn’t mean our work wasn’t absolutely imperative.

I guess we could consider it a scouting trip.

Actually, me and brian have been on scouting trips before!

In Brian’s former life, he was a youth pastor. He wanted to take his group up to North Manitou island for a summer expedition. Before he took a group of students to the island, he wanted to have some experience with the terrain. There’s a ferry that takes you to the island, drops you off, and then returns 3 days later.

Me and brian went to the island together a few months before he would take his students. After a loop around the island, we knew so much about what a group of students would encounter. We left the island with knowledge of the island as well as a few stories. Water scarcity led us both into some pretty intense dehydration, and we interrupted a honeymoon when we realized we had completely forgotten matches.  Brian returned to the island a couple months later with a group of students.

Brian’s goal was to bring a group of students to North Manitou island. Did a scouting trip accomplish that goal?

No absolutely not. Was it important? Absolutely.

Me and brian’s goal with this client is to create a beautiful website that will help the company communicate better with sales leads. Did our work tonight have specific things we could show? Perhaps not. But was this intangible work matter to the scope of the project? You bet.

Tangibility matters when we are looking to create things. But at the end of the day, a scouting trip does help you become better prepared to accomplish that goal.

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