Investing Time: A mindset that can make every activity valuable.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it’s like to be investing time.

Invest in good times

I get so distracted. — in fact, between the first sentence and continuing here, i’ve sent out 4 emails, researched a couple premium wordpress themes, as well as sent out a tweet or two.

We all use our time a bit differently. We all enjoy things a bit differently too. Where I might be addicted to sending out 140 character messages multiple times daily, I have some friends who enjoy the service, but they just don’t have that much to share. Some people watch a show called dancing with the stars. Some people are embarrassed that would even mention something like that! Some people dance, some people write, and some people spectate.

I’ve been taking a hard look at the time I spend doing things. There are some things that I absolutely love doing, but the activities don’t exactly leave the world better. I might enjoy watching my Michigan Wolverines every fall saturday, but ultimately, nobody else benefits.

Is there some way I could spin watching football for an unreasonable amount of time into something productive, something helpful.

The answer is undoubtedly YES!

  • I could create a twitter account that live tweets one of the games, for people who can’t catch the game.
  • I could scour the twitter streams for people asking questions about the game. and answer them.
  • I could use that time to read, or write blog posts, or write emails to potential clients.

I don’t want to say that enjoying leisure time isn’t something you should do, You need to have things that recharge you. But if you can combine something you love, with something else you love, perhaps others can benefit!

This is the notion of Investing Time.

We only have a certain amount of time here on earth. Who knows when that time will end! Are you doing all that you can to leverage your time?

I made a list of the different things I do with my time. How can I spin the time spent in these activities to be investments?

I write here. — I don’t ever mean for my words to be wasted here. I look at everything here on the blog as an investment of some sort. If I link to something, it’s my hope that you can find inspiration from it. If I write something, oftentimes it’s the words I need to hear, but I think many others can find ways to apply it to themselves as well.

I read books. — I should do way more reading than I do. This is one area I want to be more intentional about. I’m actually in talks with a few other people about starting a book review website. Where after we read a book, we share thoughts– which helps other readers out by showing them which books they might be interested in reading!

I watch football — see above!

I play games — if you’re building a relationship with friends and family, I can see value in this. Be cautious with this one!

I research real estate for cool locations. I like to dream big, and real estate is one of those things that really gets my idea-mill going. To invest in this time, I could be sharing what I’m finding and why it’s so inspiring.

I read other people’s blogs. I think the biggest way to make your time worthwhile when you’re reading other’s content is to comment, or to build off of their conversation with your own blog post. Link back to what they’ve written, and add a bit more value! Shoutout to Rise365 and Ryan and Alana

Traditional work. — When you’re working somewhere that you don’t particularly like, start focusing on learning what you can from your coworkers, exhaust your resources, really make your time spent there matter. Work your contacts, explore what the company can offer you. If nothing else, you’ll practice a mindset that will bring you places.

I drive back and forth to work. I listen to podcasts while driving. It’s amazing how much listening to meaningful content can make a difference in your mindset and your ideas. I’m currently listening through Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income podcast. It has changed the way I think about web projects.

I talk technology. If i’m helping somebody, talking about trends, or being an apple evangelist, can I find a way to make the conclusion of these conversations are public?

-talk/chatting online. Social media means we can “catch” up with a different friend every day, and lose touch with everyone else. But if something you see or talk about has relevance with a certain person. leave them a note and make sure they see it!

-watching various television shows. Have you ever just sat and took notes on tv. Keep track of your emotions, what makes you happy, what makes you jealous, what things you think you can do. It’s an empowering exercise.

I had a few (read: 15) more activities I had listed down. But by now you can see what mindset i’m going for.

What can we have to look forward to later, if the time we spend now is an investment?

How are you investing your time? Is there any way you can alter what you’re already doing to make someone else’s life better?

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