It might as well be rocket surgery for some

Today I stopped by the library for the first time in years.

I figured that it’s about time to borrow books instead of buying every single one. ( I have an unhealthy addiction to used books from amazon.)

As I was filling out the information for my library card, the clerk handed me a small flyer that listed the Library’s URL in case I wanted to manage my account online.

My immediate thought was: “why in the world would I need this piece of paper? I’m just going to throw it away, and when I need to see the library’s website, I’ll simply type ‘Georgetown Libary’ into the bar.” It made perfect sense to me. This was a complete waste.

I accepted the piece of paper, mostly because I didn’t want to offend the clerk, but I also realized that for many of the library’s patrons, finding the website isn’t going to be the easiest thing. This url sheet would be very helpful! Even though I wasn’t going to find a use for the paper, there was a chance that i would have, so it was worth it to have the clerk offer it to me.

That works.

This is the same reason that you need to be open about your talents and what you can help people with. Five Espressos┬áisn’t Happy Cog. Happy Cog is a leading web design/ development shop, and a company that I keep tabs on them because the represent a dream of what Five Espressos could grow to be. However, just because Happy Cog exists, and offers the same sort of services that we do, oesn’t mean that I shouldn’t still offer my services as a web designer.

Why though? If they are better, my services are useless, right? A complete waste!

Not at all, Happy Cog happily starts their projects at $100,000. I start my projects at considerably less than that. and though we occupy different sides of the market, we both provide a valuable service to our clients.

That’s actually the core of business- you don’t have to be the absolute best at something, as long as you’re creating the value that your client is hoping for.

A URL flyer is common sense to me, how do you find a website for a library? Well, it might as well be rocket surgery for some.


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