It’s Your Move, Universe.

Dent in the universe

(photo credit: the fantastic Hugh MacLeod)

Steve Jobs spoke of making a dent in the universe. His company changed and continues to change the way the world uses technology.  I would say he did indeed leave the universe dented.

That’s what I’m here to do.

I’m here to throw things against the wall and see what sticks. Then I want to tell you all about it in hopes that you’ll be right there along with me, throwing ideas around and seeing what sticks.

You don’t know what the world will think of your project until people have seen it, and you can see how they’ve interacted with it. You can’t make improvements to something when it’s still a fantasy in your head.  And you can’t get your friends involved if you aren’t making sure that your project actually exists.

If you want somebody to toss ideas around with, find me on Facebook or Twitter, (check my about page)  or you can even email me at Dan (at) I’m always ready to help.

It’s your move, Universe.

That’s what I call my current  chapter of life.

Produce things, make things, step out into the light. Let’s see how the universe responds.


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