Lessons to learn in a crisis.

This past weekend, I spent time with my brothers and some of my best friends celebrating the dwindling singlehood of my little brother. On the way home,  I checked my phone, only to read that my webhosting had been deactivated because of phishing activity.

Learning of this while in the car in Northern Michigan wasn’t ideal, but after a phone call, I was able to start resolving this mess. After a few hours, perhaps a couple more gray hairs, and reading seemingly endless articles about web security, everything was back to normal.

For someone who is responsible for a handful of websites (a couple of which are the lifeblood of their respective organizations), having a site be down is enough of a crisis, but having your sites being down to a hacker is another story.

Here are some of the things I learned through this process.

When you receive news of a crisis, first breathe. Assess the things that you can control. While I was in the car, the only thing I could do was talk to the hosting company.

Act on the things you can control. After taking a moment to breathe, I started working to fix things. again, a couple phone calls took care of everything.

Flexibility: Sometimes plans need to be changed, but lets face it, I had some things to take care of!

look at the things you could have changed before the crisis, and change things. I could have had a better lockdown on the security of my websites. Lets just say things are better now.

own up to things. I took a bit of time to contact the people who could have been affected by the sites being down. If you’re going to have people depend on you, you need to be ready to be dependable.


That’s about it. I’m not saying I’m glad I was hacked, but I feel like I’m better prepared to handle things like this in the future.



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