March is a hustle month, of sorts

Remember hustle month?

Perhaps you do. sometimes it’s a faded memory for me as well.

Hustle month was a period of personal productivity that I came up with when I was starting to get into web design. My first experiment with it was very successful, and caused me to want to involve other people in with it.

That july, I hosted a hustle month program on, though July turned out to be an awful time for me to be trying to host a community project — I was even on vacation when the program started. Don’t do it!

Brian and I just finished up with our busiest stretch of time we’ve encountered as business owners, and while the last few weeks have been hectic, i would really love take some of the more flexible time i have available to me over the next month and really do something about it. Tomorrow being the start of lent doesn’t hurt to be a time to make some changes to habits.

So i’m going to make March a hustle month.

What is hustle month?

Hustle Month is mostly characterized by the attempt to use your free time for things that are productive and will further your goals. I would also attempt to reflect on each day’s progress by answering these three questions:

  1. What did I do?
  2. Why did the the things I did today matter?
  3. Did I earn my sleep?

I may have missed the first two days of this, but I think i have plenty of time to make this a successful month.

It is also the start of lent.

Lent is a time where many Christians give up something as a reminder to focus on Christ. Growing up I didn’t often give up much for Lent, but I see the value of it now that i’ve grown a bit older.

I was reflecting today on the things that I can give up, here are some things that came to mind:

  • Giving up playing video games alone ( there’s just not that much value to it. )
  • Giving up ice cream ( my family has a penchant for a sweet tooth)
  • Giving up Pop
  • Giving up fast food (which also would mean i need to be better about waking up on time to pack lunches.
  • Giving up sleeping in. // the snooze button.
  • Giving up buying things
  • Giving up personal facebook/twitter

I might try to do all of these things! Not only will they certainly be a sacrifice, but but some of these might be very healthy to give up… (pop ice cream and fast food are a no brainer that they are healthy. )

If i do end up giving up personal social media stuff, I would be doing what I can to write on this website as often as I can. That’s not necessarily a bad thing 🙂


Hustle month check in:

1. What did I do?

I worked all day, I came home, for dinner and then met with Mike to discuss the design behind We also devised our plan for the website as it goes through it’s first official month, and also our plans as we go into April of this year. We have some big things in the works for dauntless! I spent the remainder of the night working on the early version of the dauntless blog– using a wordpress theme called Jumpstart.

I also hashed out some ground work for a client site for five espressos.

2. Why does this matter?

Because I’ve been wanting a platform that doesn’t hae my name attached to it for quite some time, and I’ve always wanted to work extensively with entrepreneurs and other creative people. This project will be just that.

3. Did you earn your sleep?

yes. If every day this month can be like this i’ve done well.




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