Mind Body and Soul

I’m on a bit of a health kick. Don’t look too hard… but I have been. I want to take a more holistic approach to health: addressing the mind, body and soul with a renewed focus.

Habit changes are really difficult if you try to change too much all at once, So each day, i’ll be trying to do one thing to address each part of health.. Originally, I was going to write this out as a text post and keep it saved on my desktop, but I think there might be some value into doing this thinking out loud in a public space.

Mind: Things dealing with mental health, emotional health, and learning. I can address this by:

  • TED talks.
  • Reading a book: I am extremely skilled at starting books and not finishing them, but when I read, I tend to read non-fiction, which is at least a great way to try to learn something.
  • Take a nap, or go to bed on time.
  • Write More,
  • Random pages on wikipedia: research something new.

Body: Physical health

  • Walk to the coffee shop.
  • Train for a 5k,
  • Frequently do body weight workouts.
  • Cut out bad foods and drinks. — This is crazy important, yet often so tough.

Soul: There are some similarities between soul health and mind health, but I believe there’s a distinction. I find that when I ignore this for a period of time, I’ll slowly start slipping, but when I refocus, there are instant results.  I can address this health by:

  • Listening to sermon podcasts
  • Prayer/meditation
  • Read the bible or other fancy religious things.
  • yoga: as much as i’ve never been a fan of this, it can address all three of these health points.
  • Personal writing.

If there’s something I missed, let me know. I’m enjoying this new focus for now.

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