Momentum. Are you moving?

Momentum: it’s time to get things moving!

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Things can take some time to become established. At first, movement can be tough, but as you roll along, things get easier. Momentum makes things simple. At this point, moving onto a different course takes a lot more energy– things are already moving forward. If you wish to change things up, you either need to put all your energy into stopping and restarting, or hope that your new course is very similar to your current track.

So, once things are moving, it’s much harder to do nothing. It takes more energy to get something new off the ground.

When you don’t have any momentum, it’s easy to focus one day on one thing, one day on the next, and one day on yet another thing. You can be really enthusiastic about things, but ultimately, you’re movement is negligible when compared to something that’s already moving.

The other day I was helping a customer, and he mentioned that the last time i helped him, i was in the process of starting a company. He wanted to know how things were going! I told him that things were going really well and that things were moving forward. I was certainly telling the truth. Something else struck me as I talked with him, I started realizing that there were things in motion with Five Espressos that were going to come to fruition without me exerting maximum effort. Things are rolling. Forward motion is simply upkeep and keeping the path clear and ready for us to roll through!

That’s exciting. Our team needs to keep the momentum going!

Today is the first day of a new year.

Many of us have goals for the new year that will somehow make us better people.

Gyms are prepared for maximum capacity.

Running shoes have been located.

The first page has been written a journal

I would imagine that more blog posts are published today than on any other day of the year

I have a goal too. I could call it a resolution. It would be appropriate given the new year.
I want to write every day.

I won’t be publishing here on the blog every day, but I want to be in the habit of writing.

Why writing?

It focuses me, It starts my daily momentum. It allows me to think about what I need to do with my day and what I need to avoid.

The writing can inspire content here or elsewhere.

It’s my hope that at some point, the habit of writing becomes so engrained that I can’t help but do it daily. It will lead to many other things- good things.

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