Notes from the end of a year.

The end of a year is a reflective time for me. I get to spend time with friends and family, some of whom i don’t get to see very often. It’s a time where you can be really grateful for what you have and you start to notice the underrated things in life.

For me it’s also a time of analyzing and refocusing. I can look back at a year and see things that really worked, and some things that really didn’t.

Successes from the past year.

  • Setting up Five Espressos. This was the diving board into business for me. When something that starts as an idea slowly becomes more and more real until it finally exists is a strange feeling. Momentum is a strange thing and sometimes you don’t realize how far you’ve moved.
  • A slightly impromptu trip to San Francisco. I had to shift around vacation from work to take a weeklong trip to san francisco, and it was a pretty amazing trip– and roadtrip free. I took the train from Grand Rapids to Chicago. Navigated downtown chicago for the first time, had lunch with a long lost friend, used the subway, explored o’hare, Befriended a retired pilot who made sure I got a seat on the plane, and I was off to San Francisco. I could live there.

San Francisco

Failures (not successes) from the past year.

  •  Hustle Month — In July, I launched a site for a small productive movement called hustle month, though the turnout wasn’t what I was expecting. I have yet to decide whether I will do another run of it, or not. I loved the turnout that I did get, but perhaps I set my personal expectations too high. It was a great learning experience for email marketing, and how to get people to take action. But it also exposed me to some realities of selling, and how to properly promote an event. Also: if you’re launching a timed event, don’t be on vacation during the ultra important first week.
  • Job/ career growth — It’s the start of another year tomorrow, and I haven’t been ultra happy with my job the entire time. Life’s too short to not be happy about the thought of a new work week.

Lets celebrate the successes of a year, as well as the possibilities of a new year!

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