On motivation and procrastination

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I’ve been working a lot lately.

Between a full time job, and doing client work on the side, while also juggling the launch of a product where we transition a couple beta users into paying customers, I haven’t had a ton of free time.

I’m certainly having to make sacrifices. Whether I’m not sleeping as much, or whether I can’t respond to a client as quick as I might like, or the launch day gets pushed back yet again. It’s hard to set high expectations when you’re juggling a few too many things.

Earlier this spring, I found myself listening to a podcast called Quit! that’s produced by the 5by5 network. It’s a show that is about helping people evaluate their options in their jobs, whether or not they should start a business, or find a new job, all this stuff. It’s equal parts, job counseling, doctor phil, and dave ramsey. I was really enjoying the podcasts for quite some time. One of the points that Dan Benjamin would make repeatedly on the show is that you can’t have a business truly succeed if you are only doing it part time. Now, you might be able to make quite a bit of money on the side, but the business will never realize its true potential until you commit to it enough to see where it’s going.

Juggling the job, 5e and the new soon-to-be-launched company has been a trip. However, I know that I will never be able to truly succeed at any of them until i’m committed to one. (To be fair, though, Five Espressos and the new company are capable of coexisting quite nicely) If the web consultancy is ever going to grow to the point of success, regardless of what your definition of success is, I need to be all in with it. I need to be looking for clients, following up on every lead, responding to emails, writing emails, all that fine stuff that easily gets pushed aside as you’re currently working with a client. Going fulltime changes the game. It makes it real. You need to manage your time effectively, crank out projects, yet bringing new ones in at the same time.

With a job, I don’t know that you can achieve maximum success if you don’t go all in with that as well.

However, you only have a finite amount of energy. This is a fact that i’m starting to really experience. Being in better shape might help my energy levels, but that’s conversation for other posts.

But there’s still a sliver of time I could better use. at this point, i’ve been filling it with playing video games. It allows me to focus on something that is a completely different pace than the rest of my life. and I enjoy it. But I feel like I could be doing better with my time. I have some friendships that have stagnated where they could be blossoming. That is my fault.

I’m not going to go back and find my previous blog post, but I feel as though I find myself writing about how I’m using my time quite often. This is because I am often a terrible time manager. During school, I would intentionally procrastinate just to create the pressure of meeting a deadline. It’s a horrible habit.

If you say you’ll have something done by friday, and wait until thursday to start, what did you do with the rest of your week?

If you have a project that has a 8 week turnaround, yet you know you could have completed it in 3, what else could you have done with those 5 weeks you squandered as you were waiting?

Life doesn’t have to be a non stop shoving match of filling up every day with productive things, but if you have goals and dreams, they won’t happen without a lot of hard work.

That’s where I’m at today.


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