Productivity Experiment: 21 days of focused cranking

So today is the kickoff to a productivity experiment with the community at Rise365.

Dan Hefferan TeuxDeux : Productivity Experiment

(a look inside my to-do list) … (yes, it looks really long)

The basic premise of the Productivity Experiment is this:

Every night, you look at the day ahead of you, and you list out the 6 things you most need to get done.

Then when you wake up, before you allow yourself to get sidetracked for minutes/hours on things that distract you or just prevent you from getting good work done, you sit down and complete each of those 6 tasks, one after the other.

What happens when you complete all of the tasks?

Well, you’ve made it! You completed those things that you most needed to do, so whatever you were going to do with your time for the rest of your day, go do it!

This is a way to gain more time by wasting less of it.

Go to the park,

Go for a long walk (I find these strangely productive too)

Get your fill of facebook stalking.

Play a game.

Or you can keep cranking out the great work. That’s what I’m hoping to do.


What if I have to work, how can I participate?

I propose that we  define the start of your day a bit differently. If you work a 9-5, devoting a few hours of your morning to specific and productive tasks can be very difficult. I am not a morning person, I’m a drastically different person when you see me from 11am onward than if you see me before 9. If I have to be into work at 9, I could set my alarm for 6, and potentially get a good chunk of my 6 things completed. But I don’t think I’ll be working that way. I’ll just define the start of my day as my time after I’m done with work, and ready to start working on personal projects.

Granted, It may work a better if we are all able to start our days productive, Our jobs can impede that, but if we frame the start of OUR day, we can still properly dominate the time we have.

You can learn more about the experiment from the original proposal here. I know that Michael/Claudia are publishing an official welcome later today. I may link to it in a future post. If this is something that resonates with you, join us!

What can you do to be more productive? When are you most productive? 


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