Daily Lessons, reactions from a launch day

Throughout life, you’ll hear people remark that they learn something new every day. I want to take some time every day and really look inward and try to find something that i’ve learned. Every day. ymLaunch logo: websites for youth ministry Last night I officially announced ymLaunch, in a post that was later picked up by WordPress Blogger Jeffro at WPtavern. I had a feeling something was coming after Jeff had tweeted me after the announcement, but I was pleased to see that he wrote up something so quickly. And by pleased, I mean out of my mind excited. ymLaunch is the biggest thing i’ve been a part of yet, even though it’s just a two person thing, it has the potential to grow into something great. Now that launch day is over, I definitely have some direction on where to take the company in the coming months.

Here are my reactions from a launch day.

What I learned today. I learned that things can move very very fast. — i wasn’t fully ready to handle press, even if it was simply a WordPress blog. However, it’s good to learn how to deal with these excited nerves sooner rather than later.

I learned that there are a lot of people that are out there to help you. I heard from a number of people with ideas for ymLaunch and potential people to contact for collaboration. I learned that we probably could have launched all of this sooner. Lets be honest, with the invitations to collaborate with other WordPress themers, we could have streamlined this process

I learned that I have some very real goals for the next year, but they are possible. I reviewed my list of goals to achieve by my 27th birthday next october, and they seem more doable than ever. I will probably look to publish those goals soon.

I learned that I may have had the most successful day of my web career traffic wise, but I can’t allow this to be the ceiling. How quickly can we achieve a BIGGER day at ymLaunch. Better yet: how quickly can we average 200 hits a day?  How can we encourage people to return to the site? I don’t know whether or not they will return, i actually have doubts they will. The one thing to remember is all of that traffic is likely web people: people who are invested in the WordPress platform. The number of people in my target audience that saw the ymLaunch site today is probably pretty small. That being said, there were a couple new subscribers to the ymLaunch mailing list, so I need to begin an email strategy to be reaching out to those people as if the list were 500 people. Someday it may will be, but until then, I need to remain intentional about making sure I’m providing value to those that are on the list, they signed up to hear from me, and I better deliver.

Those are some of my reactions from a launch day. I’m more excited about this project than I was yesterday, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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