Thoughts from a Recovering Idea Man

Sometime shortly after graduating college, something flipped inside my brain. All of a sudden, my brain was wired for business. My creativity, which had for years been centered on melodies and lyrical lines, was starting to be used to find ways to make an impact in the world through business.

I don’t know what caused the switch, but it’s not really all that important to the matter at hand.

Since the switch, I’ve come up with a lot of ideas. Some, you’ve been a part of! Hustle Month¬†happened in July as a way for people to come together as a community to do great work. But many more ideas were left on the shelf (I actually have a folder on my computer called the shelf- it’s where I put ideas that aren’t on the forefront of my energy.

I’ve even taken some of these ideas and spread them among my friends and other people who share my interests. Some of these ideas are met with crazy awesome enthusiasm.

But, ultimately not much has come from them.

We have to be careful with ideas.

We have to be careful that our thoughts are not just on what something can become – we have to be focused on how we can produce something, how we can get our idea made into something concrete, downloadable, or experienceable.¬†It’s too easy to be caught up in the fantasy of what could be. If you work hard, you can get there, but nothing will happen until you do something!

I can come up with ideas, sure.

But I don’t think that’s worth anything.

It’s time to actually see an idea through, to find a way to make the transition between idea and reality as short and painless as possible, and to ultimately do what we all want to do:¬†Change the world.

A thought hit me earlier this evening, and I quickly hit up the twitter with it:

If you want to be a person who changes things. Change things.

Lets start changing things.


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