Running and Entreprenuership

For me and the other guys at Five Espressos, it has been a very introspective period of time.

We are hoping to have a new service launched before the end of summer, and we are also redefining our focus for our web design business as well. I really appreciate setting aside time to reflect on things, and I love getting a chance to share some ideas with a group of guys that I like being around.

Meanwhile, I haven’t been happy about my fitness state, and outside of a intermittently weekly game of ultimate frisbee, I’ve been absolutely terrible at setting aside time to exercise. (I may have recently set a pretty big fitness goal for myself too)

I think my period of business focus has allowed me to try to fucus on productive things outside of business as well: and I’m ready to make some serious strides with personal health and fitness.

I just came across this article by WooThemes’ Founder Adii Pienaar where he’s comparing running and entrepreneurship

What Running has Taught Me about Entreprenuership

7. Run your own race.

I left the most profound (for me personally) realization for last.

Whilst running my last race, I realized that we’re always competing and we’re always measuring ourselves against other entrepreneurs and their companies. We read about how they do things, how they manage to be successful and how we should be applying all of those things.

Just like you are doing, reading this now.

If you see me in the future, ask how I’m doing. I tend to not hold things back!


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