Ship, do it for your sundays

So I’ve been writing quite a bit about the importance of shipping.

ship your ideas

Why am I doing this?

What am I hoping to achieve?

Are the things that I write the true way I feel? or is it really just what I hope people will be impressed by.

So I say that I want to open up the world to an exchange of ideas. To really ship their good work,  and for people to stop being possessive of their ideas.

Am I full of shit right here?

Am i telling people about all of the things i’m working on right now?

Do I have a project that i’m hiding from people for fear that they might do something similar?

Why do I feel like everyone should ship their ideas more often?


Well. I think the answer is really that it’s the statement that I need to hear.

That i need to be focused on producing more, and shipping my ideas. Maybe something will come from these ideas.

You see, I see a future for myself that doesn’t include a boss. I don’t have to worry about who’s looking over my shoulder. I see myself as an entrepreneur but I don’t even like that word. I certainly don’t think that I’ve done enough yet to earn being called an entrepreneur. Even though, at it’s core- I have started and taken on the risk of a business venture.

Why is this my path? Because it’s something that makes me happy. If I don’t ship my work, I feel restless, I feel down, and I don’t feel like enough. Someday i’ll go to therapy, and the therapist will salivate over blog posts like this.

I work, so that I never have to dread monday morning. So that I can enjoy every moment of Sunday afternoon and evening, and look forward to starting my work week. I haven’t hated the jobs i’ve worked. However, I never look forward to Monday mornings.

So if you have an idea, do something with it. Tell someone, write a blog post about it, share it on facebook, tweet it out. Let someone else ring in on it. What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Someone doesn’t agree with you? Someone doesn’t think it’s worth it? Well, what if you sit on the idea for a couple more years, you might fall in love with the idea, and still when you finally share it, it will be open to the same criticism it could have learned to endure 2 years earlier.


Do it for sundays.


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