Spread Too Thin

Spread too Thing


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So there have been a few big changes in my life lately. Namely around employment. I started a new job, this month. I get to go to bed on time, wake up really early, join rush hour, and I get weekends off! The new job has also given me the opportunity to experience a job away from the retail world and a chance to learn a completely new industry.

There’s a lot to adjust to.

I don’t come home sapped of energy though. I’m still rearing to go. I want to work on things!

I have never been more determined to make strides on Five Espressos and it’s side projects. However, my time is at more of a premium than it used to be. I can’t work on everything.

I was talking with a friend this evening and she straight up called me out on it: Do you think that maybe you have too many things on your plate?

I do. But I’ve put everything there. I’m currently working on (or at least started):

  • Getting ready to launch a new business.
  • Working through a couple client projects with Five Espressos
  • Designing a completely custom theme for Dauntless (the site you are reading now) — with the hopes of distributing the theme
  • Beginning the redesign of the Five Espressos site.
  • The groundwork and a landing page up for what could grow into a non-profit.
  • Content and marketing strategies for nearly everything written above.

If I can launch all of these, i’ll be putting myself in a good position, sure. But I need to make measurable strides on just a few things, instead of negligible strides on many things. If I spend time working on one thing, and neglecting something with a deadline, I’m just being irresponsible.

So that’s that.

Analogy time. Because that’s how I think. If you spread an amount of peanut butter throughout one entire piece of bread, but then you take the same amount of jelly, and simply glob it up in the middle. Sure there’s peanut butter on every corner of the bread, but in the places where there’s jelly. You know it. You experience it. You can’t ignore it.

I think it may be better to be the jelly. However, i’m spread too thin at this moment.


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