Standing Desks

Brian (my business partner at Five Espressos ) has outfitted a spare room in his basement as an office.
It’s a space that’s intentionally set aside to do work.

He has set up a a really slick standing desk in this room.
Standing Desk

I’ve been able to work on this standup desk a couple times the last week. It’s amazing.

At the end of the day, it’s not too much different from sitting, but there’s something to be said about standing on your feet while getting work done.

One thing that Brian and I have found is that we can collaborate much better using the standing desk setup than a sitting desk. This is because we can easily take a step back from the screen and just bounce ideas off of each other.

Before we implemented a standing desk, we would get some work done, but if we were ever talking vision for a project for Five Espressos in general, we would always be standing. Now these transitions are seamless.

I tell you this much: when it comes time to implement a permanent office for Five Espressos, standing desks will be a cornerstone.

Yes your feet can get tired. You can get a stool.

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