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So with our upcoming product launch. I have naturally been spending a BIT of time trying to be productive.

While I’ve been working on the marketing page for the new project, one of the major challenges I’ve come across is finding proper images to go on the mainpage.

I understand that this article may come to mind in a couple weeks when everyone’s browsing our new offering. I feel like i’m setting myself up, but If you end up not buying something because I was unsure on how to best present it, we weren’t going to have a healthy relationship anyway! 🙂

I don’t want the website to be a wall of text, I want there to be visuals. I’m a visual person, and web design has moved beyond 1995!

I started my search for images for the mainpage on Flickr, I then moved to a couple free stock image places, and then I moved to some premium stock image services.

Nothing was really wowing me, and then I came to an epiphany.

This main page is to display my product, and every picture that i’m using should highlight my product. (the use of the word product here is making feel like the video professor.)

So, I took a step back and looked at the various messages I was working with, and matched each with a photo or screenshot of something within the project.  That way, everything displayed on the page, is something a customer can encounter while they use the product.

A really fancy picture of a pryamid probably isn’t going to apply too well to this new company… A photo of a really happy and well dressed corporate employee with good teeth is going to be easily identified as a cheap coverup for a lack of originality.


Now, don’t take this as my disparaging of the stock image industry. Not at all! We all can make good use of a stock photography service every now and then.

The challenges with stock photography and this project are very similar to some of the challenges that we, as a team, are encountering.

Sometimes items aren’t appropriate for our use because we need to create our own version of these items, or else they won’t work. This applies to stock images as well as software.

Sometimes the creation process needs to be entirely about creating and not about reusing resources you’ve come across previously. This can be a challenge because you’re taking extra time to do things you haven’t done before, but it’s also rewarding by completely owning the work you’re doing and also learning a ton in the process.


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