When is it time?

I spent all of my free time tonight working on a theme for a project that me and brian have been working on for months.

It was something that I had said that I would have finished by november. Sometimes I have to be harder with my deadlines. I could have very well finished this sooner, but if I don’t give myself a deadline, I find that other things will take priority.

I’m reasonably happy with the results, however at this point, I know that i’m just sputtering because I can’t even show the world what I’ve done yet. Being behind closed doors is weird for me.

I guess the idea I really want to explore here is: When do you know that it’s time?
Time to make the jump into full time self employment.
Time to fully launch the product
Time to let the next set of tweaks be to a live service
Time to shift gears.

The simplest answer isn’t always the easiest to grasp. It’s time when it no longer makes sense not to.

It’s time.
You’ll be hearing something from me very soon.