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2017 update: I’m moving this content from a page on the site to another blog post in a move towards simplicity of the website. 2015 was the year where I lost a big chunk of weight, and I believe this was initially written in the fall of that year.


It has been just about 250 days since I started my journey of personal improvement and weightless, and I feel like a different person.

Just over a month ago, a friend started asking me questions about how exactly I was going about my routine. After a several book length text messages, I realized that this information is probably best suited for an article here on dauntless. These are the resources I have been using for my results.

The 4 Hour Body.

This book has been pretty important to my life change, however the first time I skimmed thru it, I stopped after seeing it’s heavy emphasis on diet. I wasn’t ready to change the way I ate at the time. I put it on the shelf.

After starting the gym routine in February, I found myself really taking a liking to all things health and fitness. Any promises of more results in less time were attractive. This time I was ready to listen to advice about diet. And this book’s diet plan *The Slow Carb Diet* seemed to make sense to me, so I figured I would give it a try.

Though I haven’t religiously followed any specific fitness/diet scheme, my plan most closely follows Tim’s advice in this book. I highly recommend anyone check out this book. You can purchase the book on Amazon here.

The Slow Carb Diet

Following a diet plan causes a lot of questions. This blog post laid out the rules in a way that was easy for me to reference, as well as showed a couple of case studies from people who achieved pretty big success using the diet.

Nerd Fitness

This is one of my favorite websites because Steve does a fantastic job writing about health and fitness from a very un-intimidating perspective.

I have followed his site for years, the idea of taking comic books and video games and making those the foundation for workouts and fitness resources was something that I really resonated with. Unfortunately it took a couple before I was ready to really take any action from it!

These posts are ones that I have referred back to and sent to friends multiple times.

Everything you need to know about sugar 

Easy Paleo meals (my eventual eating pattern is somewhere awkwardly between Tim Ferriss’ slow carb and the traditional paleo plan)

The beginners guide to intermittent fasting (this has been VERY interesting to me lately — get results just by skipping breakfast? tell me more)

Beginner Body Weight Circuit (because you can totally do a workout without a gym, right? )

Dumbell exercises

A couple of months in, I realized that I needed to be doing more with free weights. Machines do a great job safely getting your muscles working, but they are designed to isolate specific muscles, where if you’re doing a basic lift using a free weight, there are many muscles at work during each rep. Getting into free weight exercises insures that you’re working on the auxiliary muscles that are working throughout the motions.

I started noticing that one of my arms was slightly stronger than the other, by moving to dumbbell exercises for a majority of my upper body workouts has allowed me to workout arms individually and attempt to balance my strength.

This is the website I used to quickly look up what workouts would work for different muscle groups. I didn’t take great notes in high school, so I definitely needed this!


I listen to podcasts during my commute. My current line up is roughly half business podcasts and half health podcasts. These are a few of the ones I’ve found pretty helpful.

The Model Health Show.  This show focuses a lot about natural nutrition and fitness. I love Shawn’s humility and grace as he hosts this show. He has a history of reversing chronic conditions using real foods and nutrition as the cures. … I’m listening.

Fat Burning Man. My primary goal since starting my health journey has been fat loss, so this seems to fit! This show talks quite a bit about the paleo lifestyle.

Tim Ferriss Podcast. As if I haven’t outed myself as enough of a Tim Ferriss fanboy, but this podcast is probably my favorite of the handful I listen to each week. He doesn’t just focus on health topics, but he’s more focused on dissecting human excellence. I love the variety of guests he’s had, and his ability to bounce between topics and still have everything make sense.

I’ll come back and edit this post as I go, as I figure there will be resources that come and go as I go through this journey.

What am I missing?