When is it time?

I spent all of my free time tonight working on a theme for a project that me and brian have been working on for months.

It was something that I had said that I would have finished by november. Sometimes I have to be harder with my deadlines. I could have very well finished this sooner, but if I don’t give myself a deadline, I find that other things will take priority.

I’m reasonably happy with the results, however at this point, I know that i’m just sputtering because I can’t even show the world what I’ve done yet. Being behind closed doors is weird for me.

I guess the idea I really want to explore here is: When do you know that it’s time?
Time to make the jump into full time self employment.
Time to fully launch the product
Time to let the next set of tweaks be to a live service
Time to shift gears.

The simplest answer isn’t always the easiest to grasp. It’s time when it no longer makes sense not to.

It’s time.
You’ll be hearing something from me very soon.

Full Circle: Leaving hand coded websites for wordpress and then back again

So my online presence has come full circle.

When I started my adventure in dabbling with websites, my initial dream was to have a really cool landing page, and a blog hidden somewhere behind it. However, after taking a few online classes, I quickly realized that my coding skills were far from able to make a landing page that I could be happy with.

However, early on, I immediately could make my blog page look amazing. I could add pages and designs to my site. It took all of a week before my blog page was looking far better than my homepage. Soon afterwards, I made the decision to shut down the home page, and only use the wordpress setup as my homepage.

That worked for the longest time.

My website would then go through times of inactivity and schizophrenic design. Actually, i’ve probably redesigned my site more often than a hipster rubs his beard.

At some point, I realized that I didn’t want to be a pro blogger. I wasn’t in a place to create valuable content, and all of my posts started to sound like self help garbage. So, I kinda just stopped. I felt dishonest- by writing all of these encouraging things to make people inspired to create great things- I felt hypocritical when I wasn’t creating much for myself.

I’ve always been someone who might write as if he’s writing to someone else, but a lot of the time, I’m just writing to me, any time I’m talking about achieving  I’m encouraging myself for greater things as well.

So, as my desire to write bloggy content decreased, my desire to reclaim my blog as a place to express myself skyrocketed.

I had always used a tumblr site, and I loved how easy it was to get on there and easily post a quote, or reblog something cool, or quick write a 3 sentence blog post.  It was easy to express myself with quick thoughts on tumblr. So I wanted to explore blogging through tumblr.

I purchased dauntless.co, implemented tumblr to it. and instantly fell in love with the domain. Having a site focusing on being bold and courageous keeps someone like me inspired. I would share a lot of things. It was accessible.

But it also lacked some of the control that I realized I appreciated.

Things like statistics. I couldn’t tell what was being read.

People couldn’t comment on anything.

I couldn’t configure sharing.

And tumblr really fails hard at SEO.

So I knew I would return to WordPress.

I knew I didn’t want to give up the dauntless.co domain, so i kept that as my blog, and transitioned my old website as a homepage that introduced me, and linked to where I was working.

And it looked better, way better than I could have done in November of 2011.

This also means I’m exactly where I wanted to be when I started on the web in 2011.

So welcome to the new Dauntless.

I’ll be writing on here, but I’m going to stay inwardly focused.

This may end up being more like a tumblog than a full on journal site, but I tend to think best in short sentences, feel free to join along.

I’m going to experiment with post formats in order for me to better use this as a vessel of expression. I want to be able to post photos without all the extra data being presented, as well as creating a good looking quote/ short sentence post structure.

I will also be creating a host of features in the next few weeks that will make the site easier to interact with.

  • subscriptions (rss/email)
  • archive page
  • about page with links (to confuse the purpose of my homepage)
  • contact page

Let me know if there’s something you’d like to see here.

Danhefferan.com/Dauntless.co :: My web presence has gone full circle. My tumblr has returned to danhefferan.tumblr.com, as well.