adventure ,connection, and a picture of the good life.

This weekend, I was able to escape up to the Upper Peninsula with my cousin Matt to visit another cousin who lives in Escanaba. It was exactly what I needed.



and a reminder that life has so much to offer.

Lately I’ve been feeling the strain of the responsibilities that I’ve taken on, and parts of this trip allowed me to put things in a new perspective. That life can be taken a little slower, that there’s no shortage of people in this world, and that will always be another nook of this state, country and worl to explore.

But the trip almost didn’t happen. Our grandmother passed away last week, and we all wondered whether taking more time off work would be the best decision. Well- it was the best decision.

Marquette Ore Dock
via flickr User ThiloG

We spent saturday on a day trip through Marquette, where we explored a few breweries, schemed on how we could climb on the Ore Dock (see above) and discovered Michigan’s best kept secret: Presque Isle.

Presque Isle sits just outside Marquette, and one part of it’s coast is dominated by these huge black rocks (they look volcanic, but i’m not going to research it)

We took great joy in rediscovering scenes of boyhood and climbing all over the rocks. We found Adventure, and adventure found us.

At one point, Matt remarked that the whole experience made his heart feel full, and I completely agree. Actually, the whole weekend made me realize that, no matter what challenges I currently am working through, there’s so much good in this world.

adventure on the Black Rocks on Presque Isle
Joe and Matt