Ten Times


What would happen if your clients were paying you ten times what you’re charging them currently?

What would your business look like if you had ten times the customers? How would your role change?

What would change if your website had ten times the traffic?

If you had ten times the twitter followers?

Ten Times as many people reading your facebook statuses?

Ten times as many emails coming in?

Things would change.

I have another question for you.

Why not behave like this is already happening?

This is how I’m challenging myself.

I don’t have a large following online but I know that I could do more to care for the people that have chosen to have me in their facebook feeds, and those that have chosen to hear my offhand comments on twitter.

It’s my responsibility to make grow that relationship on those platforms, and to show up in a way that I haven’t before.

the web

How would my web design activites change if my clients were paying me ten times what I’m currently charging?

1. I would be more attentive to them

2. I would be more proactive with suggesting changes in their best interest

3. I would find as many ways to add value to their experience with my company and the web as a whole.

These are great things, but when I take a step back, I realize that my current clients already deserve this attention from me.

Now it’s my challenge to deliver on it.

new projects

I’m a big fan of the Lean Startup methodology of creating a company— by starting with a light version of your product and service, you can gauge customer interest before you’ve sunk an extraordinary amount of time and energy into the concept. You can take any feedback collected by this first intial offering and wrap it into your product to make version 2 better than version 1, and version 2 is more of what the customers want!

With the theme of this post, how does lean methodology fit into everything? I don’t think you want to skip the early iterations!

My first web project that I released was a small productivity group experiment called Hustle Month. I did what I could to market the site- emailing it and sharing it across my networks, contacting people i thought might be interested, I know a lot more now than I did back then!

In the end, I had less than 50 people join me on that first go of Hustle Month and at some point I might find another way for that project to live on. However, how much different would my product have had to have been had I had 500 people join me?

What was missing in the experience?

Did I have the email autoresponders set up?

Was my site infastruture ready for a consistent high traffic month?

Did I have the time to give myself completely to the project for the whole month? (I launched the month while i was on vacation… it was KINDA an oversight on my part!)

I guess at the end of the day. Putting effort as though you have ten times the reach doesnt mean you’ll get there, but I know the people you come in contact with are worth the extra effort.

I’m stepping up my game, are you?



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