The best use of the moment.

I was reading an article on LinkedIn earlier this week, My google search for it found the article on Harvard Business Review. The article was called A Question that can Change your Life.

I’ll sit and wait here until you’ve finished reading the article.

(via zoxcleb)

What can I do, right now, that would be the most powerful use of this moment?

This is something I want to try to ask myself more often.

Is writing this post the best way I can spend my time? It’s not a poor way. perhaps the words I write will mean something to someone someday. Even if writing a blog post isn’t the best way to use my time, it’s better than alternatives.

I really like this question’s implications for exercise. If you’re going to dedicate an hour to exercising, why not do everything you can to make that exercise effective? (Richard Branson’s number one productivity tip is to exercise) I have a ways to go before anyone’s hiring me to be a model, but progress is progress, I just need to be consistent!

But it goes further than that!

I have a Saturday to myself for the first time in about a month. I’m planning on being as productive as possible: I have both a product site to finish and ship by the end of the month, we also are in development with a couple clients at Five Espressos.

What is the best use of this moment? What is the best use of my upcoming Saturday?

As I’m mentally breaking down this question, I wonder how it applies to leisure. Do you have any thoughts?



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