The World’s Quickest Advice Column

I love this article over at Nerd Fitness.

The World’s Quickest Advice Column.

When someone is asking me for advice, or talking me through one of their life situations, I am always trying to connect dots to the simplest and quickest solution.

It’s not always (read: rarely) subtle. Sometimes it’s not even really appropriate: there are times where the story teller isn’t looking for an answer, but rather just looking to share a story.

I look for answers and freely give them. However, when I think over one of my own life situations I tend to analyze from every angle.

Steve’s article is exactly what I needed: the simplest answers that cut through the layers of excuses and rationalizations that we accept in our lives.

Like that girl? Ask her out.

Have too little time to get your stuff done? Committ to doing less.

It’s simple.

I needed that.

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