What comes before results.

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We all have goals and dreams. We strive to reach financial security, or fantastic design chops, or a perfect body. But what comes before results?


Alot of work.

A lot of projects that aren’t going to win awards. A lot of late nights where you’re pounding your head against the wall in frustration. You can run a mile, but you are merely surviving.

We are all striving towards these big bench marks, but at the same time aren’t celebrating the steps needed to get there.

This applies to all aspects of life.

What comes before results? It’s much of the game!

I have spent the last two nights really tearing apart the Canvas theme from Woo themes. My goal is to make the footer of the site stretch across the entire screen, and load up a widget area on top of that footer, and have that stretch across the browser as well.

In order to do that, I had to strip much of the content containers, and rebuild new containers that would work with my end result in mind. I decided to stop working on it for tonight, but I have the foundation in place to do some really great designing and front end development over the next few days.

But, do you know what the site looks like right now?

It’s a really ugly website. I laughed at the thought of a client seeing it. However, we don’t ship the hard work, we ship the results.

It’s time to put in the hard work, consistently. If we want the results, we have to do what comes before the results. We have to be ready to get ugly. We have to be ready to be that out of shape person running on the sidewalk. We have to be that person hustling for work, no matter how humbling that work may be. We have to be ready to make the grossest products ever.

These embarrassments can become the desired outcome if we just keep showing up.




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