When the easy answers get harder and harder to give.

My family lost our grandmother early friday morning. It marked the first grand parent I had lost in my lifetime, and dealing with it hasn’t been easy.

At church yesterday, I experienced an outpouring of love that was good for the soul, but it started to bother me at how easily I was brushing off the loss of someone I loved.

My Grandmother was the most beautiful soul. We knew she was sick, and we knew that the end was coming (as all of ours is), but it doesn’t really make the loss any easier.

When I look back at memories, one of the things that sticks out to me most was just her ability to be present. She was the matriarch of a family of 8 kids, which meant that as her children went on to start families of her own, she was the Grandma to a large family. However as I look back to my high school days and my involvement in band, my grand parents were there at every band concert I can remember. They were there.

Over the last few years I’d have more opportunities to actually learn about who my Grandmother was. The stories of how her and my grandpa met is the kind that gets adapted for movies.

Her quick wit and competitive fire were some of the most intriguing things about her personality to me, and it was a blessing that these were parts of her that remained long into her fight for health.

She was one of my biggest cheerleaders. When I think about her, all i can hear is her voice saying “good for you.”

good for you!

because she was right. Accomplishments are meant to be celebrated, recognized and appreciated. mine or yours.

Loss hurts, life is precious. Hers was. Yours is. Mine is.

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