Where are you?

Where are you

Do you know where you’re going? Everyone has plans for their lives. They see the directions they’d like their career to go, they see the their dream job waiting at the end of a tunnel, they know everything that goes along with those goals and dreams.

But how do you get there?

You can just start wandering towards the direction of your ultimate goal, but you won’t be sure of where you get.

The best way to get exactly where you want to go is to know exactly where you are right now.

Say you wanted to get to New York, but you don’t know where you are at the moment. You could head east and be getting closer by the moment, but if you eventually find the ocean, you probably still have a ways to go to get to New York.

If you know that you are starting in St. Louis, you can create a detailed plan on how to get to the Big Apple.

Where are you right now?

If you know that you want to become the best publisher in your hometown, what are you doing right now? Start producing small publications and slowly get bigger and bigger.

If you have a goal of being able to work from anywhere in the world as well as your own home, What are you doing right now that’s location independent? How can you grow and make money on that?

Once you know where you are, and what you’re doing now, you can find a way to make your way exactly towards your end result.


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