Introducing: ymLaunch

Some of you have heard about the project that Brian and I have been working on for months, but some of you haven’t- much of the conversation has happened around Facebook, and if we have connected other places, it’s very possible you haven’t heard this. Earlier this month, we officially took the veil off of our latest project:  ymLaunch.

 ymLaunch: websites for youth ministry

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We are really excited about this project. So far the feedback on the website and the product is overwhelmingly positive. We are in an area that has a large number of churches, and the fact that Brian and I both have youth ministry in our resumes gives us a great platform and starting point for growing our clientele.

I’ve told the story of ymLaunch’s creation over at the ymLaunch about page, but I think it’s possible that it could be better told in a blog format — not to mention, I was trying to weave the story in bios for two separate people — not everything has been told!

The story begins… really at high school.

Brian became the youth director at Hager Park Church — the church I grew up in– while I was going into my freshman year of high school. I was incredibly invested in the youth ministries at the church, as many of my closest friends during this time were my friends from youth group.

Brian would often go to youth conferences, and conferences for youth directors, and he would browse through the vendor tables and always wish that there were people who were providing websites for youth directors– but also that these websites would be separate from the main church websites. The vendors he was hoping to find, however, didn’t exist. While youth ministry afforded some more flexibility than a standard job, he didn’t have the time to fully learn how to code his own websites. So his ministry remained website-less.

After he left ministry, we would meet frequently in meetings that would eventually spawn the partnership at Five Espressos. (this link is the full story behind the name five espressos- this post was probably the height of my writing career)

The idea for ymLaunch came to him late at night- and it caused him to lose sleep- all of a sudden, he had the means to create the websites he always wanted. So he brought up the idea at a Five Espressos meeting, and we knew we had to do it. I see an email from late October of 2012, which means that we were pretty much tossing this idea around from the very beginning of five espressos.

We started building and by February of this yea, we had a few beta testers that were setup with websites under our system. Using their feedback, we continued to create a more refined version of the ymLaunch package. And that leads us to today.

I know that you aren’t all youth pastors reading this- I only have a handful of people who are in youth ministry that are in my close network. But if you know someone that is- point them our way.

What do you think?


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