Turning Pro

So there’s some news to share.

On May 8, 2017, I turned in a resignation letter to my employer and began my journey into fulltime self employment. I always thought this post was going to be easier to write than it actually is.

My friend and WordPress development ninja, Topher, told me at some point last year that “As soon as you’re at a point where you would have made more by spending your day freelancing rather than going to your job, it’s time to quit” …. or something like that.

In reality, this jump was 4-5 months overdue, but the security that comes with a steady paycheck — even if it’s a job that’s far from a great fit — is an intense drug.

5 espressos had a year of huge growth last year, as we had the opportunity to start working under more established businesses, and this year has continued that trend. I’m pretty excited about where things can go- though this transition still feels pretty intimidating.

My strengths make looking out into the future really easy and enticing, but my workload suggests that the most important thing is just taking things day by day- finishing the work that has to be done, and then moving onto the next day. With more clients come more opportunities and more responsibilities, but it also comes with the chance to try new things, and each new experience has the chance to be magic.

Steven Pressfield, in his book Turning Pro, writes of the difference between an amatuer and a pro, that there’s a definitive point where you decide that your days of amatuer habits and practices are over. That from that point forward, you’re a pro, and approaching each day dedicated to your craft and all that’s involved in that craft. Last week was that day for me.

It’s terrifying, it’s exciting. It’s time.