WordPress or Shopify for Dropshipping, Dan put a ship in the image for extreme cleverness

WordPress or Shopify for my Dropshipping Business?

One of the goals I have for 2018 is to build two additional streams of income beyond my web design business 5espressos. One of the business models that is most intriguing to me right now is dropshipping, but one of the first decisions I have to make before I proceed with testing ideas is a […]

uber frugal: one

In Day 1 of the Uber Frugal Month challenge, we’re asked to answer the questions in the original Uber Frugal post. Why are you participating in this Challenge? One of my goals for the year is to live within a budget- and to track every dollar earned and spent in the next year. This is […]

I’m in for the Uber Frugal Month

Today is the first day of 2018, but also the first day of the Uber Frugal Month hosted by the FrugalWoods. This is the second time I’ve attempted the challenge, but i’m pretty confident that it will go well this time around. FrugalWoods is a blog about financial independence and simple living: both things I […]

the staircase of small victories

a journal of small victories? a name, explained

For a number of years i’ve called the blog at danhefferan.com ‘The Journal of Small Victories.’ but the post that actually explains that has long been absent from the web. Today I had a change of heart and decided to really double down on this blog here at danhefferan.com. Even earlier this month I had […]

Turning Pro

So there’s some news to share. On May 8, 2017, I turned in a resignation letter to my employer and began my journey into fulltime self employment. I always thought this post was going to be easier to write than it actually is. My friend and WordPress development ninja, Topher, told me at some point […]