the staircase of small victories

a journal of small victories? a name, explained

For a number of years i’ve called the blog at ‘The Journal of Small Victories.’ but the post that actually explains that has long been absent from the web.

Today I had a change of heart and decided to really double down on this blog here at Even earlier this month I had been trying to kill this site once again and move all of my content creation energies over to, but the truth of the matter is this:

danhefferan is here to stay. The journal of small victories is here to stay.

This isn’t a 2017 year in review post, but the energy I plan on carrying into 2018 is a large motivator behind this move.

2018 will be a year where I look at growth on all fronts: improved health and relationships, an expanded business with 5 espressos, and I plan on experimenting with creating additional income streams through various online properties. — I’ll look to detail this in a post in the next week.

Small Victories.

Who celebrates small victories?

They are easy to ignore, a small client project is finished, the scale reads a smaller number than last week, you successfully go to a brewery and only order a salad instead of your usual slew of beers accompanied with beer.

These hardly are the huge monumental steps that you feel the need to broadcast to social media, but maybe they should be.

Success begets success: small victories lead to more small victories, and eventually lead to the big victories.

I quit my job in 2017 to pursue my web design and development business however that wouldn’t have happened without the help of small victory after small victory.

A few years back I created a set of ideal job titles, and the two that resonated most deeply were ‘Champion of small victories’ and ‘chief story teller’

and I think ‘Champion of small victories’ will carry forward. Lets celebrate the small victories, as those are the ones that lead to more small victories, and eventually lead to big success. don’t believe me?

lets try something.

Imagine your dream job or business

What does it look like? What do you do? Who do you serve? How does the job make you feel?

Next, lets imagine that you’re on the bottom of a staircase, and there are a number of steps that lead from where you are at the bottom of the staircase and the top where your dream resides.

What does the step that is right below your dream? What job or milestone exists that from which your dream is simply a natural progression?  An editor for the New York Times might look to first work as an editor for other big state news papers before finding the primo job with the NYT.

You can use this idea to keep working backwards- to become an editor for a big state newspaper, you’d likely need to be editing for a smaller paper, or writing for a big paper. Regardless of what the actual path looks like, you can likely trace a path from where you are today and your dreams.

success begets success

small victories lead to more small victories, which lead to the big victories.

lets celebrate the small victories my friends. I have the cheap wine ready.

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